FLOWnGROW! – A workshop on “Balancing Economy, Ecology and Settlement in the Okanagan” (November 29 in Kelowna)


A Call to Action

“The themes, Whole Systems Approach, reflecting integration through inclusion, Blue Ecology, the interweaving of First Nations and Western Thought and Cathedral Thinking, the foresight and planning for future generations, will set the context for the FLOWnGROW workshop,” states Eric Bonham. (He is Moderator for Eric Bonham_2012_120pModule A, the first of four cascading modules. The unifying theme for Module A is Spirit & Science – An Inclusive Journey.)

“The intent of the workshop is to present both forward thinking concepts and the practical application of water-centric solutions within the Okanagan Valley, solutions applicable to other areas of the province and beyond.”

“Bob McDonald, Chief Aaron Sam and Michael Blackstock will be the ‘book ends’ for the workshop, presenting in Module A, the first session, then participating along with author Bob Sandford in the Town Hall session at the end of the day.”


Three Broad Themes

“We look forward to a rousing opening from CBC’s Bob McDonald, host of Quirks & Quarks,” continues Eric Bonham. “Bob will provide the big picture from a global perspective and beyond, once again reminding us of the limited amount of fresh water we have on earth, speaking to the need for a global water ethic and awareness as we collectively navigate an uncertain future.”

“While Bob speaks to the Science, Chief Aaron Sam will address the Spirit, and provide the First Nations perspective on water, recognizing the need for both Spirit and Science as we address long term water sustainability challenges going forward.”

“Michael Blackstock will tie the threads together and close Module A, addressing cross-cultural collaboration on Spirit and Science as seen through the lens of Blue Ecology, the interweaving of Western Science and First Nations Cultural Knowledge. Michael will identify the gaps in the way we currently do business noting the need for integration.”

“Education is a significant issue, particularly the education of youth at an early age, such that they may understand and value water from both a spiritual and functional perspective and then translate that knowledge to responsible stewardship as adults. The inter-generational transfer of knowledge is an essential component of such an education program.”

The Program at a Glance