Metro Vancouver Agricultural Water Forum: Predicting Salinity in the Fraser River under Climate and Man-made Changes – a presentation by Albert Leung


Delta Adaptation Strategies

“The effects of climate change on the future availability of irrigation water from the Fraser River were identified as an area of concern in the Delta Adaptation Strategies plan,” stated Albert Leung in his presentation about Fraser River Water albert-leung_120pManagement.

“Completed in 2013, this plan was the result of a process that brought together Delta’s agricultural producers and local and provincial government partners to evaluate potential climate change impacts on local agricultural production, and to develop strategies and actions to address the associated challenges.”

“A collaborative process to implement priority actions has been underway since autumn of 2013. The work described in the presentation and in the published report address action items in the Delta Adaptation Strategies related to evaluating the function of irrigation intakes and improving understanding of the potential impacts of climate and man-made change on irrigation water supply.”

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Download Predicting Salinity in the Fraser River under Climate and Man-made Changes to view a PDF copy of the PowerPoint presentation by Albert Leung.