YOUTUBE VIDEO: Cathedral Thinking – an idea that takes time to evolve and establish, and ends up benefiting future generations

Note to Reader:

Cathedral thinking aptly describes the philosophy that guides the work of the Partnership for Water Sustainability in BC. We inform, educate, train and mentor with a view to the long-term and creating a lasting legacy. The Partnership’s current leadership team may not be around to witness the fruition of our work. However, we will have made a difference – by raising awareness, translating science-based understanding into methodologies and tools, and helping decision-makers set actions in motion. The work of Rick Antonson is a source of inspiration.

Cathedral Thinking explained

“The concept of Cathedral Thinking stretches back through the centuries to medieval times, when architects, stonemasons and artisans laid plans and began construction of the soaring, cavernous structures that served as places of worship, community gathering spaces and safe havens,” states Rick Antonson, author, originator and rick-antonson_120pcathedral thinker. Previously, he had a full time career as president and CEO of Tourism Vancouver for 20 years. His talk on Cathedral Thinking was featured on TEDx

“Since then, the concept has been applied to space exploration, city planning and other long-term goals that require decades of foresight and planning so future generations can enjoy their full realization.”

“Though there are many instances to which Cathedral Thinking can be applied, they all require the same foundation: a far-reaching vision, a well thought-out blueprint, and a shared commitment to long-term implementation.”

In the process of laying out this fascinating concept, Rick Antonson asks each in the audience to consider collectively and individually “What is your Cathedral Thought?”

“Our goal with the Cathedral Thinking website is simply to further the variety of ways people see ‘Cathedral Thinking’ applied as a concept,” concludes Rick Antonson.

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