Convening for Action in the Town of Gibsons: North America’s First Natural Asset Policy for Infrastructure


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Emanuel Machado is the Chief Administrative Officer of the Town of Gibsons, a community on the Sunshine Coast near Metro Vancouver. In November 2015, he will be a featured speaker at the World Forum on Natural Capital in Edinburgh, Scotland. He will inform an international audience about the Town’s Eco-Asset Strategy.


“Bring nature into the DNA of decision-making to build resilient communities,” urges Emanuel Machado

For over a dozen years, Emanuel Machado has worked with communities throughout Canada, promoting a greater use of renewable energy, net-zero buildings, water strategies, social plans and sustainability frameworks, all with a focus on people.Emanuel Machado_2014_1

Emanuel’s passion and commitment to creating sustainable communities is evident in his work in the Town of Gibsons, by combining the Official Community Plan, Strategic Plan and Sustainability Plan to create a hybrid document that balances economic development, the natural environment, and social well-being. It is this integration and balance that has been the key element of the plan.

More recently, Emanuel has been developing a program for the Town of Gibsons, called Eco-Assets, which recognizes the role of nature as a fundamental component of the municipal infrastructure system, leading to a greater understanding of the value of ecosystems services and improved financial and operational management plans of the community’s natural assets.


North America’s First Natural Asset Policy

“The heart of Gibsons’ approach is North America’s first natural asset policy, which directs the municipality to consider the role of natural assets within our overall asset management strategy,” states Emanuel Machado. “What gives life to the policy is the fact that, once the natural asset is within the policy, a budget must be set aside for its ongoing management and maintenance, and town staff must work together to preserve its integrity.

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To read an article written by Emanuel Machado and posted on the Green Infrastructure community-of-interest, click on Leading Change in British Columbia: “Bring nature into the DNA of decision-making to build resilient communities,” says Emanuel Machado, Town of Gibsons CAO

To download a copy of the Town’s Eco-Asset Strategy, click here.

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