Turning Ideas Into Action: “Use hindsight to frame what lies ahead,” says Erik Karlsen


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10th Anniversary of Achieving Water Balance Workshop

In April 2005, the Achieving Water Balance Workshop was the first regional event organized under the umbrella of Convening for Action in British Columbia, a program element of the Water Sustainability Action Plan.

Co-organized by the Province, and held in the Okanagan Valley in the city of Penticton, this technology transfer session introduced fundamental concepts and principles that have influenced land and water practitioners for the past decade. Also, the Minister of Environment formally launched the waterbucket.ca website in conjunction with the workshop.


Design and Implement New Paradigms to Achieve More Sustainable and Resilient Outcomes

“Change involves a paradigm shift from an old way of thinking-and-doing to a new way, typically to replace unacceptable outcomes with acceptable ones,” states Erik Karlsen, former Director of Regional Growth Strategies, BC Ministry of Municipal Affairs. At Royal Roads University (2005), he taught a course on Leadership in Sustainable Development. In 2005 at Penticton, Erik elaborated on setting target and objectives: Erik Karlsen_Sept-2006_500pChange: Challenges & Choices / Responsibilities and Response Abilities

“When this occurs some might ask why the old way wasn’t designed to anticipate and prepare for its impacts from the outset?  And, more to the point, how do we design and implement new paradigms to achieve more sustainable and resilient outcomes; those which consider and address all interests and are capable of dealing with uncertainties inherent in complex adaptive systems.”

“The Partnership for Water Sustainability provides a leading best practice model for developing and promoting the use of approaches to the management of hydrologic regimes  to achieve sustainable and resilient aquatic ecosystems at basin, watershed, drainage and site scales. Through its Convening for Action initiatives the Partnership has pursued a blended paradigm involving a commitment to a green infrastructure through inclusive engagement and shared learning.”

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