The Partnership’s 2015 Board of Directors


Note to Reader:

The Board comprises six (6) Directors. In December 2013, the membership amended the Constitution so that going forward two (2) Directors will be elected each year. In December 2013, Directors were elected as follows:

  • 1-Year Terms: Tim Pringle & Derek Richmond
  • 2-Year Terms: Peter Law & Mike Tanner
  • 3-Year Terms: Ted van der Gulik & Richard Boase

After the transitional year in order to stagger the terms of Directors – that is, the 2014 Board – all Directors will be elected for 3-Year Terms. Directors Pringle and Richmond were re-elected in December 2014.

2015 Board of Directors

To Learn More:

To download a backgrounder that summarizes information about each Director, click on 2015 Partnership Board of Directors.

To be first nominated and then elected as a Director, prospective candidates must be able to demonstrate via past performance that they can make an effective contribution in achieving the Partnership vision for settlement, economy and ecology in balance.

2015 Board of Directors