Georgia Basin Inter-Regional Education Initiative: Year 3 Program

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Towards a Watershed Health Legacy

Launched by the Partnership for Water Sustainability in BC in 2012 in collaboration with five regional districts, the Georgia Basin Inter-Regional Education Initiative (IREI) supports implementation of integrated and watershed-based community planning processes on the east coast of Vancouver Island and in the Lower Mainland regions of British Columbia.

“In Year 3, the program is built around an Inter-Regional Collaboration Workshop Series. The spotlight is on the Watershed Health issue and how to move forward with implementation and integration, really. This sharing and learning process aligns with each region’s priorities and individual work plans.Peter-Law1_2012_120p The deliverable is ‘Beyond the Guidebook 2015,” reports Peter Law, a founding Partnership Director and a member of the Inter-Regional Leadership Team that is responsible for the series.

Formerly with the Ministry of Environment, he was Chair of the inter-governmental Steering Committee that produced Stormwater Planning: A Guidebook for British Columbia, released in 2002.

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2014 Inter-Regional Collaboration Series

Kim Stephens_May2014_120p“Watershed health, stream health and rainwater management are priorities for communities on the east coast of Vancouver Island and in the Lower Mainland regions of British Columbia,” states Kim Stephens, Partnership Executive Director. “Inter-regional collaboration is helping a local government inter-regional leadership team – one that represents five sub-regions within the Georgia Basin – understand what the other regions are doing, what works and what does not. Each region is hosting a sharing and learning session. We will report out in 2015.”

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Collaboration Will Help Everyone

“The deliverable flowing from the 2014 Inter-Regional Collaboration Workshop Series will be a workbook on application of performance monitoring approaches that are affordable, effective and adaptive,” continues Kim Stephens. “This guidance document would be used by local governments to inform community and watershed planning, adjust actions, and create a legacy – that is, healthy watersheds and streams.”

“We are branding this guidance document as Beyond the Guidebook 2015: Towards a Watershed Health Legacy. It will build on the foundation provided by Stormwater Planning: A Guidebook for British Columbia, released in 2002.”

“The collaborating regions view the Watershed Health issue through complementary lenses that together form a complete picture. Each region has something unique to contribute to the mix. The mantra for inter-regional collaboration is framed in these terms: Through sharing and learning, ensure that where we are going is indeed the right way,” concludes Kim Stephens.

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The IREI is an initiative under the umbrella of the Water Sustainability Action Plan for British Columbia.

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