Tim Pringle steps down as President of the Partnership for Water Sustainability in British Columbia


Tim Pringle hands off the Partnership Presidency to Ted van der Gulik, March 2014

Tim Pringle hands off the Partnership Presidency to Ted van der Gulik, March 2014

Tim Pringle – Land & Water Champion

In March  2014, Tim Pringle stepped down as President of the Partnership for Water Sustainability. He had served in this role since November 2010 when the Partnership was incorporated as a not-for-profit society. He is succeeded by Ted van der Gulik.

Previously, he was the Executive Director of the Real Estate Foundation of British Columbia from its founding in 1988 until 2008. In 2010, Tim Pringle was the inaugural winner of the Land Champion Award for British Columbia.

“The Land Champion Award recognized Tim Pringle’s leadership, innovation and collaboration to address issues related to the use and conservation of land in communities, regions, professions, and the province as a whole,” explains Kim Stephens, Partnership Executive Director.

It is About Creating a Legacy

“It is especially fitting that the first Land Champion Award go to Tim Pringle,” stated Michael Clague, President of the Community Arts Council of Vancouver, in a video Michael clague (120p) - president of community arts council of vancouvertestimonial to Tim Pringle.

“This sets the bar pretty high for subsequent nominations. Tim leaves with a long legacy and the hopes from many of us that we are going to continue to be able to benefit and learn from what Tim has done and what he is going to continue to do.”

“Suffice to say, Michael Claque’s hopes have been realized through the guiding role that Tim has played as the Partnership for Water Sustainability’s Founding President,” adds Kim Stephens.

“In 2010, we knew that Tim’s stature in British Columbia would be a critical success factor in launching the Partnership as an entity. Having Tim at the helm provided the Partnership with immediate recognition and enhanced our credibility.”

Now Tim is passing the torch to Ted van der Gulik who we know will lift us to new heights. Tim remains a Director such that the Partnership will continue to benefit from Tim’s wisdom in his new role as Past-President.”

Link to YouTube Video

To view the video posted on YouTube of Tim Pringle receiving the Land Champion Award, click here.

Bridging between Province, Local Government and Community

Mike-Tanner_Dec2013_adjusted_240p“The Partnership for Water Sustainability is the hub for a ‘convening for action’ network in the local government setting. We facilitate a ‘regional team approach’ in working towards a common goal,” states Mike Tanner, also a Founding Director of the Partnership for Water Sustainability in British Columbia. “We are integrators. We play a bridging role between Province, local government and community.”

“Given this context for the Partnership’s mission, Tim Pringle’s background experience with the Real Estate Foundation and his extensive understanding of the business sector has been invaluable in the development and evolution of the Partnership for Water Sustainability.”

“Tim combines this knowledge with the understanding that communities need to integrate the social and monetary value of ecological services to support sustainable human settlements, that results in a long term sustainable economy.”

“Top Down Bottom Up” Principle of Engagement

“It is his ability to integrate diverse viewpoints and recognize the need for commitment and strong leadership in the various sectors that has been the hallmark of his leadership within the Partnership,” continues Mike Tanner.

“An advocate of the “top down bottom up”  principle of engagement, Tim has been a consistent champion for local involvement and recognizes the value of stewardship groups and community groups in working towards a common vision based upon universal values.”

“Tim Pringle is both a pragmatist and a visionary, two invaluable qualities when forging a sustainable future that calls for innovation and imaginative leadership skills,” concludes Mike Tanner.

Settlement, Ecology and Economy in Balance

“Over a period of many, many years Tim Pringle has had an impact in influencing and redefining how practitioners look at land and water in British Columbia,” states Kim Stephens. “One of his most significant contributions was when he introduced the idea of ‘settlement change in balance with ecology’ in 2007.”

“Settlement and ecology are equal values and they must be as much in balance as possible for wellbeing of human and natural systems,” stated Tim Pringle at the Whistler Mini-Summit in May 2006.

Tim Pringle (120p)“Settlement and ecology are both complex systems; and the nature of their complexities means there is no easy answer to achieving a balance that will ensure water for life and livelihoods. Nevertheless, it is in our best interests to learn about both sides of the balance….if we are to ensure that settlement change results in benefits exceeding liabilities at the site, community and regional scales.”

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