Criteria for Nomination and Election to Partnership Board of Directors

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Nomination Criteria for Directors

Candidates for Director shall be:

  1. Paid-in-Full Member of the Partnership for Water Sustainability in BC (PWSBC)
  2. Able to volunteer a minimum of 10 hours per month
  3. Able to actively participate to advance the work of PWSBC committees and/or working groups

The Nomination Process

Qualified candidates for Director shall submit by email  a “statement of intention” to stand for nomination to the PWSBC Board. The “statement of intention” shall:

  1. describe the Candidate’s relevant professional and community background;
  2. why the Candidate is interested in becoming a Director; and
  3. how the Ccandidate anticipates making an effective contribution to advancement of the PWSBC vision and mission.

Paid-in-full members who are interested in becoming a Candidate for election to the  Board of Directors shall submit the STATEMENT OF INTENTION, by email, no later than November 15th  of each year to the attention of the Nominating Committee.

Submit the Statement of Intention to

The Selection Process

The Nomination Committee will review the Candidate submission to ensure that the nomination criteria have been fulfilled.

All candidates who comply with the criteria will have their names put forward as “Nominations” to be voted on at the Partnership’s Annual; General Meeting.