DOWNLOAD: Living Water Smart & Building Greener Communities: Implementing a ‘regional team approach’ in British Columbia




What is a ‘Regional Team Approach’?

A regional team approach is founded on partnerships and collaboration; and seeks to align actions at three scales – provincial, regional and local. The key word is alignment: this is what we want to collectively achieve, and this is how we will work together to get there.

The essence of the regional team approach is that all the players will set their sights on the common good and challenge the old barriers of jurisdictional interests.

“The shared vision is to control our destiny and create a legacy for our children and grand-children,” states Kim Stephens, Executive Director, Partnership for Water Sustainability in BC. “Having a shared vision means that we will visualize what the regions of British Columbia can look like in 50 years, and today we will set in motion actions that will ripple through time to produce that future.”

“We are NOT saying that every community must follow the same formula; what we are saying is that everyone needs to agree on expectations and how all the players….regulators, developers, designers, etc….will work together, and after that each community can reach its goals in its own way,” states Eric Bonham, a founding member of CAVI-Convening for Action on Vancouver Island initiative. He was formerly a Director in the Ministries of Environment and Municipal Affairs.


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