Irrigation Industry Association of BC is a “Champion Supporter” of the Partnership for Water Sustainability

About the Irrigation Industry Association of B.C.

The Irrigation Industry Association of British Columbia (IIABC) was formed in 1979 to provide a forum for manufacturers, suppliers, and contractors to get together to communicate and exchange information about the irrigation industry. The IIABC objectives are listed below:

  • foster and promote the interests and welfare of the irrigation industry and its members.
  • establish and develop a means for the exchange of information and ideas within the industry.
  • establish and promote guidelines, standards and specifications for the design and installation of irrigation systems.
  • promote and encourage harmony and cooperation between members and others who are directly or indirectly engaged in the industry or other related industries.
  • promote and encourage public awareness and appreciation of irrigation and water management.

In 1988, the IIABC began its Certification Program. The objective of this program is to establish irrigation design standards and criteria throughout the industry and to promote individuals who have achieved a level of competence.

“With the evolving changes and concerns around water use; the IIABC has partnered with the Partnership for Water Sustainability in British Columbia as we focus on the irrigation industry and efficiency of water,” states Keesha Rosario, IIABC President. “The IIABC is collaborating to build a foundation for future change in order to help us align our industry education and certification offerings that include efficient irrigation systems. This will assist us in supporting our membership with sustainable irrigation practices. We all need to be accountable for our water resource. With shared tools and programs; we can collaborate to make a difference.”

Champion Supporter of the Partnership

“The Champion Supporter designation allows the Partnership to formally recognize agencies and organizations that provide substantial financial and/or in-kind support that in turn enables the Partnership to develop tools and deliver programs under the umbrella of Convening for Action in British Columbia,” states Richard Boase, Vice-President of the Partnership for Water Sustainability in British Columbia.

“We value our relationship with IIABC and greatly appreciate that IIABC is a financial supporter of our website and provided annual funding in 2007, 2008 and 2009.  IIABC also provided us with seed funding when the Partnership was incorporated as a not-for-profit society in 2010. Therefore, the Partnership is pleased to announce that the Irrigation Industry Association of BC is a Champion Supporter of the Partnership for Water Sustainability.

“On October 26, 2012 I was pleased to attend an IIABC meeting and thank the board members in person. We look forward to future collaboration between the Partnership and the IIABC,” concludes Richard Boase.

“The goals of the two society’s are very much aligned with improving efficiency in water use to help achieve sustainability of water resources for the province of BC.   Developing and strengthening this partnership will help both society’s achieve their goals and improved stewardship of water resource in the province,” states Ted van der Gulik, a founding member of both the IIABC and the Partnership for Water Sustainability in British Columbia.