Waterbucket.ca provides ‘home’ for telling the story of the District of North Vancouver’s “Hastings Creek Watershed Blueprint”



Creating the Future in the District of North Vancouver

In the Metro Vancouver region, the regulatory spotlight is on a “course correction” in the way Integrated Stormwater Management Plans (i.e. “ISMPs”) are developed and implemented. The Hastings Creek Watershed Blueprint is a demonstration application of the “ISMP Course Correction”. The District of North Vancouver is showing how to leverage more with the same resources.

The District of North Vancouver is a charter member of the Partnership for Water Sustainability in British Columbia.


A Platform for Story-Telling

“The Partnership vision is that sharing and cross-fertilization of experience and understanding will help all local governments go farther, more efficiently and effectively. Our mission is to advance a consistent approachto rainwater management and green infrastructure practices in the Georgia Basin,” states Mike Tanner, Chair of the Waterbucket Website.

“District of North Vancouver staff members have demonstrated leadership and innovation in the way they have approached development of the Hastings Creek Watershed Blueprint. The waterbucket.ca team is therefore pleased to provide this homepage so that these champions and others can share their ‘stories behind the story’ of the Hastings Creek Watershed Blueprint.”

“Over the years, we have observed that waterbucket.ca stories are effective in terms of how they inform and educate land use and infrastructure professionals about ‘designing with nature’. A large part of their value is that they establish expectations about program curricula and deliverables. Equally important is that they provide an historical record of lessons learned by those who are leading change in British Columbia.


About the Hastings Creek Watershed Blueprint:

To learn more, download a copy of the “Story of Hastings Creek” by clicking on A Watershed Blueprint for Hastings Creek: Creating the Future in the District of North Vancouver.