Partnership for Water Sustainability aligns efforts with Ministry of Environment to advance the “Beyond the Guidebook” initiative

“The Ministry looks forward to aligning efforts with the Partnership to further advance implementation of the “Beyond the Guidebook” initiative. The Ministry’s renewed emphasis on the rainwater management component of Liquid Waste Management Plans has created an opportunity to demonstrate how to integrate regulatory compliance and collaboration,” states Cairine MacDonald.

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Water-Centric Planning in the Okanagan: Water Stewardship Council informed about Water Sustainability Action Plan for BC

“Drought, forest fires and floods in 2003 combined to create a ‘teachable moment’ for change. Because the Water Sustainability Action Plan promotes a ‘water-centric’ approach to community planning, we hope to dovetail our program efforts with those of the Okanagan Basin Water Board, so that together we can turn ideas into action in the Okanagan Basin,” stated Kim Stephens.

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“Design with Nature” philosophy guides Water Sustainability Action Plan for British Columbia

To understand where we are heading, we need to understand where we have come from. Historical context is important. The ‘design with nature’ paradigm is borrowed from the seminal book by Ian McHarg because it captures the essence of climate change adaptation. Adaptation is about responding to the changes that will inevitably occur. Adaptation is at the community level and is therefore about collaboration.

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