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Green Infrastructure Innovation in British Columbia

Paul Ham served as Chair of the Green Infrastructure Partnership (GIP) from 2005 through 2008. He represented the Master Municipal Construction Documents Association (MMCD) on the GIP Steering Committee. Paul Ham retired from the City of Surrey in 2008 as General Manager of the Engineering Department. Although retired from the City, Paul Ham has continued to provide assistance to the GIP.

About Paul Ham

“Under Paul Ham’s leadership, the Green Infrastructure Partnership achieved a great deal. The Showcasing Green Infrastructure Innovation Series, for example, has helped local government practitioners immeasurably by creating forums for them to share their experiences and lessons learned. This has created a ripple effect that has spurred even more innovation,” states Ray Fung.

Ray Fung is Director of Engineering and Transportation with the District of West Vancouver. In 2008, he succeeded Paul Ham as Chair of the Green Infrastructure Partnership.

“When Paul Ham was the City Engineer, the City of Surrey hosted a consultation workshop in May 2005. That event was a defining moment and has had a lasting legacy,” reports Kim Stephens, Executive Director of the Partnership for Water Sustainability. “The vision that coalesced that day has greatly influenced how we have collectively implemented Convening for Action in British Columbia. In fact, Vancouver Island became the demonstration region for the work plan developed by the Green Infrastructure Partnership.

“Looking ahead, and now that the Green Infrastructure Partnership is formally under the umbrella of the Partnership for Water Sustainability, we are pleased that in his retirement Paul Ham will continue “the mission” and will play a role in delivery of the Georgia Basin Inter-Regional Educational Initiative. Then others will benefit from his knowledge and wisdom.”


About the Green Infrastructure Partnership

Formed in 2003, the Green Infrastructure Partnership was originally a collaborative comprising: Ministry of Community Development; MMCD; West Coast Environmental Law Foundation (WCEL); and the original Water Sustainability Committee of the BC Water & Waste Association. The GIP is chaired by a representative of local government.

A Perspective by Paul Ham

“The purpose of the Showcasing Innovation Seriesis to celebrate… and build on…the on-the-ground successes that are enhancing the ways communities are being developed and water is being managed,” stated Paul Ham in 2007.

UC17 - paul ham (120p)“There are a lot of good things happening throughout Metro Vancouver. Because people are so busy in their own world, it takes a third party to connect them. That is the role the Green Infrastructure Partnership plays in organizing the Showcasing Innovation Series. The goal is a simple one: build regional capacity.”

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