Water Sustainability Action Plan provides umbrella for “Convening for Action in British Columbia”

Convening for Action explained

According to Ray Fung, current Chair of the Green Infrastructure Partnership and Past-Chair of the BCWWA Water Sustainability Committee, “All of us have attended workshops, seminars and conferences where we simply sit and listen all day. And at the end of the day, we go back to our offices and we carry on doing what we were doing.”

Ray fung - 2008 (100p)Convening for action…when we are convening in a forum such as the Showcasing Innovation Series, however, it is not just for the sake of listening. Rather, when we leave the forum  we want to use what we have learned so that we can take action and make a difference in our professional lives. That difference is to change the way we develop land.”

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Link to YouTube Video:

Click here to watch a 10-minute video of Ray Fung; while at the same time viewing his PowerPoint presentation by clicking on Convening for Action to Change the Way We Develop Land: Design with Nature