Drainage Infrastructure Screening Tool saves money, and makes it easy to assess implications of a changing climate!



Water  Balance Model Partnership Unveils Decision Support Tool at Vancouver Island “Sharing & Learning” Event

Thanks to funding provided by the federal government through the Regional Adaptation Collaboratives Program, the Water Balance Model Partnership has developed a Drainage Infrastructure Screening Tool. The tool meets the test of helping local governments “achieve more with less”. 

“Many drainage conveyance systems operate without serious problems for many years. Yet many engineering studies recommend plans for pipe replacement and upsizing that would cost tens of millions of dollars, money that local governments do not have,” observes Jim Dumont, Engineering Applications Authority for the Water Balance Model Partnership.

“Embedded in the tool is a Level-of-Service methodology. This provides the means to quickly and efficiently identify weak links in a drainage system. The methodology evaluates the impacts of a changing climate, as well as changes in land development density. City of Surrey and District of North Vancouver case study experience has proven out the methodology.”

“Now, local governments can focus on what is most important AND achieve more at less cost. The Screening Tool is not intended to replace detailed analysis during the design process; rather, it provides a quick and inexpensive look into the drainage system performance to highlight any problem areas. Thus it will provide inexpensive input into establishing priorities for capital budgets.”



This month, Jim Dumont will be demonstrating the Drainage Infrastructure Screening Tool at “sharing and learning” event hosted by the Regional District of Nanaimo on June 12. Also, click on Drainage Infrastructure Screening Tool is now LIVE!

This event is part of the Vancouver Island Inter-Regional Education Initiative. Four regional districts and municipal members are aligning efforts to help everyone go farther, more efficiently and effectively.