About the Partnership for Water Sustainability in British Columbia




What Membership Means

“The vision of the Partnership is that water sustainability will be achieved through implementation of green infrastructure policies and practices. The Partnership mission is to facilitate change. Because the Partnership is the hub for a ‘convening for action’ network in the local government setting, we are positioned to facilitate alignment of regional and local actions with provincial goals,” states Tim Pringle, President.

“We believe that by providing education, research, technical services and tools, we can help communities both reduce the increased demand for water and protect stream health from the adverse consequences of land development practices. We are working with practitioners involved in water resources functions to foster integrated protection and management strategies through enhancement of practitioner expertise. In other words, we are ‘developing talent’,” adds Mike Tanner, Partnership Secretary. 


To Learn More:

The Partnership has prepared a short-form document that addresses these questions:

  1. Why was our Partnership formed?
  2. What is our vision?
  3. What is our mission?
  4. What are the specific challenges that the Partnership is addressing?
  5. Who will benefit?
  6. What methods will the Partnership use to alleviate/solve these challenges/issues?
  7. What is our track record of accomplishments?
  8. What are our qualifications to solve these challenges?

For a set of responses to these questions, click on About the Partnership for Water Sustainability_April 2012 to download a copy of the synopsis document.