ARTICLE: Sustaining the Flow of Water Ethics



Initiatives are in place to use less water and to protect the province’s natural gems

“British Columbia is ahead of the fold when it comes to water conservation efforts, but the changing ethics of water sustainability suggest a new approach across industry and society as a whole is needed,” wrote Andrew Seale in a feature article on Water Sustainablity and published by the Vancouver Sun newspaper.

In the article, Seale profiles the Water Sustainability Action Plan and quotes Kim Stephens, Partnership Executive Director. He also quotes Bob Sandford, EPCOR Chair of the Canadian Partnership Initiative in support of United Nations “Water for Life” Decade.

“It’s important now that we realize that water policy and eff ective improvement of the way we manage water is not merely a government strategy anymore— it has to be a broader societal commitment which includes the average citizen who has an interest in what’s happening in his or her watershed,” says Bob Sandford.


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