Water Sustainability Action Plan inspires action in Dawson Creek, BC


Embracing Change for Sustainability

In December 2006, Kim Stephens introduced Peace River communities to the vision for facilitiating change under the umbrella of the Water Sustainability Action Plan for British Columbia, with emphasis on the potential for the Waterbucket Website to “tell the stories” of change agents in the local government setting.

Emanuel machado (120p) - district of secheltAt the time, Emanuel Machado was with the City of Dawson Creek. He organized the workshop. Today, he is Manager of Sustainability Services and Special Projects with the District of Sechelt, BC.

Fast forward to February 2011 when the Federation of Canadian Municipalities held its Sustainabile Communities Conference in Victoria. Emmanuel Machada moderated the “Steal This Idea!” session. Kim Stephens was one of the Roundtable hosts.

A Testimonial

When Emanuel Machado introduced the Roundtable Hosts, he singled out Kim Stephens for special mention: “On a personal note, Kim Stephens has been a source of inspiration to me. The December 2006 workshop that introduced the City to BC’s Water Sustainability Action Plan was a catalyst for change.”

To Learn More:

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Posted February 2011