ARTICLE: Connecting Water, Land….and People



BC hydro dialogue - may 2010

Bringing Together Community Leaders

In May 2010, the BC Hydro Power Smart team convened a select group of community leaders from across the province for a one-day dialogue.

Pia nagpal (120p) - bc hydro power smart“The May 2010 forum was a first step in building what we hope is a vibrant, growing learning network in BC for sharing learning about what creates the conditions for community-based actions that will generate insights, ideas and connections that will make a difference in our energy and carbon consumption,” reports Pia Nagpal, Program Manager for Community Engagement.

As an action item resulting from the inaugural forum, BC Hydro undertook to produce a monthly newsletter that features the efforts of those contributing to the Community-of-Practice.


Partnership for Water Sustainability in BC

“In February 2012, we were pleased to draw attention to the great work of the Partnership for Water Sustainability. The Partnership connects water, land and people. It is demonstrating the effectiveness of a top-down and bottom-up approach to leading change in the local government setting,” states Pia Nagpal.

To download a copy of the newsletter, click on Connecting Water, Land….and People.


Partnership for water sustainability in bc - logo (360p)

Posted February 2012