GUIDANCE DOCUMENT: Integrated Rainwater Management Planning: Summary Report for ISMP Course Correction Series (February 2011)

ISMP course correction series

Doing Business Differently

During the period November-December 2010, the Water Sustainability Action Plan for British Columbia released a 5-part series about considerations driving a course correction in the way ‘Integrated Stormwater Management Plans’ (ISMPs) are undertaken.

Released in February 2011, the Summary Report for ISMP Course Correction Series provides a consolidated reference source to guide those about to embark upon an ISMP process. The Summary Report is a compendium: front-end plus all five documents in the ‘ISMP Course Correction Series’. The front-end is complete with a set of five recommendations.

Robert hicks (120p)“The genesis for ISMPs was a desire to integrate the community, engineering, planning and environmental perspectives. The implicit goal was to build and/or rebuild communities in balance with ecology. Local governments knew they had to do business differently in order to protect and/or restore watershed health,” states Robert Hicks, Senior Engineer in the Policy & Planning Division at Metro Vancouver. He has been involved in the ISMP process from the beginning.

Links for Downloading Documents

Click here to download the compendium – that is, Summary Report front-end PLUS the entire 5-part series.

To download a copy of the FRONT-END only, click here.

To access the 5-part series individually, click on ISMP Course Correction.