BC’s Water Sustainability Action Plan inspires action in Dawson Creek

Dawson Creek Water Strategy

Kevin henderson (160p) - city of dawson creek“Water is a huge priority for our community, there have been summer drought conditions 4 of the last 5 years, with last summer being the most severe,” reports Kevin Henderson, Director of Infrastructure & Sustainable Development. “The ‘Water Strategy’ adopted by Council includes a vision for water that closely aligns with the Province’s Living Water Smart initiative. For example, the City has recently introduced a new pricing structure to provide long term sustainability to the water utility fund. The new structure promotes conservation and is a true user pay structure.”

Perspectives on Leading Change

Emanuel machado (120p) - district of sechelt“It was a huge challenge to change from a mentality of ‘use all you need/want and pay as little as possible, as the City will cover the difference’, to ‘a fair-priced, conservation-based and compacted infrastructure model’. Kevin Henderson is the champion who led that change,” observes Emanuel Machado, Manager of Sustainability Services and Special Projects with the District of Sechelt, BC. Previously, he worked for the City of Dawson Creek.

Emanuel Machado credits a workshop in December 2006 as a defining moment in facilitating a paradigm-shift in Dawson Creek. Organized for elected representatives and staff, the workshop introduced Peace River communities to the Water Sustainability Action Plan for British Columbia. “The workshop was a catalyst and source of inspiration for changing the way water is viewed and used in the City of Dawson Creek,” reports Emanuel Machado.

Kim stephens (120p) - dec 2010“The Dawson Creek story illustrates the important role played by the Action Plan. We support the champions in local government. We reassure them that they are not alone. Sometimes it is just a matter of boosting their confidence that they are on the right track in doing what is right. Dawson Creek is a feel good story,” reflects Kim Stephens, Executive Director for the the Partnership for Water Sustainability in British Columbia.

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