ISMP Course Correction: The Outcome Would be a Blueprint to a New Watershed




Context for ISMP Course Correction

“A decade ago, local governments were venturing into uncharted waters when undertaking ISMPs (i.e. Integrated Stormwater Management Plans). However, over-emphasis on computer modelling and pipe analyses resulted in engineering-centric plans that were unaffordable,” reports Kim Stephens, Executive Director of the Partnership for Water Sustainability in British Columbia Kim stephens (120p) - 2009

“This drew attention to the need for a ‘course correction’ in the way ISMPS are approached.  At the heart of the ISMP issue is the long-term dilemma of how to pay for infrastructure and watershed improvements if or when there is no source of funding.”

“Now, the collective experience of the Bowker Creek Initiative (in the Capital Region), the City of Surrey and other pioneer leaders such as the District of North Vancouver serves as a guide for an approach that is affordable, connects with the community, and gets the watershed vision right.”

Create a Watershed Blueprint

An ISMP is a potentially powerful tool. It can influence other municipal processes for the better. It can generate the blueprint for truly integrated and coordinated action at a watershed scale. The 2-day Course on the ISMP Course Correction will guide land use and infrastructure professionals through the stages and steps in developing a plan that is balanced, landscape-based and financially sustainable:

  • Day 1–Build the Vision:1) what we have; and 2), what we want.
  • Day 2–Create the Legacy: 3) how we put this into action; and, 4) how we stay on target.

Participants will learn from those with experience about methodologies and tools that will help them: 1) get the watershed vision right; 2) establish achievable performance targets; 3) create an affordable watershed blueprint; and, 4) integrate with other processes and/or plans to incrementally implement the watershed blueprint over decades.

To Learn More:

For more information, click on Course on the ISMP Course Correction – when, where, why, what, and how much to download the flyer shown below:

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Posted September 2011