Steal This Idea! — FCM sustainability conference session showcases local government innovators from across Canada


Conference Theme: Embracing Change for Sustainability

In 2011, the Federation of Canadian Municipalities (FCM) held its Sustainabie Communities Conference outside the Ottawa region for the first time. Hosted by the City of Victoria in February, the conference included a session called “STEAL THIS IDEA!”. The session was presented by FCM’s Green Municipal Fund; and moderated by Emanuel Machado, Manager of Sustainability Services and Special Projects with the District of Sechelt, BC.

“Eight innovators from across Canada, shared their breakthrough examples of municipal sustainability in a range of sectors,” reports Emanuel Machado.

FCM sustainable communities conference - azzah jeena (120p)“At the start of the session, each roundtable host stood up and gave a one minute overview of their topic. Delegates were then asked to select a roundtable.At each table rotation, hosts gave short presentations to groups of up to 10 people at their tables, followed by questions and discussion,” explains Azzah Jeena.

“The interactive nature of the Steal This Idea! session allowed the participants to move from simply receiving information to engaging and sharing lessons and knowledge,” commented Emanual Machado afterwards.

The Roundtable Hosts

  1. Mark Brostrom, Director, Office of Environment, City of Edmonton, Alberta: Edmonton Solar residential pilot
  2. Kimberley Needham, Strategy Planner, Squamish-Lilloet Regional District, BC: Energy Resilience Task Force Project: Community Resilience for Peak Oil and Climate Change
  3. Russell Smith, Manager, Sustainability, City of Medicine Hat, Alberta: Community Impact of Medicine Hat’s Energy Sustainability Incentive Program
  4. Councillor John Luton, City of Victoria, BC: Sustainable Cycling Infrastructure on the Ground 
  5. Kim Stephens, Executive Director, Partnership for Water Sustainability in British Columbia: Mission Possible: A 50-Year Vision for Urban Watershed Restoration 
  6. Joanna Linsangan, Manager of Public Relations, BC Transit: BC Transit Future Bus – Public Participation on Wheels
  7. Mayor Anderson, Town of the Blue Mountains, Ontario: Brownfield Remediation Project-New Town Hall 
  8. Chairperson Ben Smith, Community of Victoria, Prince Edward Island: Water and Wastewater Pilot Project 

When Emanuel Machado introduced the Roundtable Hosts, he singled out Kim Stephens for special mention: “On a personal note, Kim Stephens has been a source of inspiration to me.” This special mention was in reference to a workshop in 2006 that Emanuel Machado organized while he was with the City of Dawson Creek. For context, click on Peace River region introduced to the ‘Water Sustainability Action Plan for British Columbia’

To Learn More:

To download a copy of the handout that guided the roundtable conversation at the table hosted by Kim Stephens, click on FCM Sustainable Communities Conference 2011 – Handout for “Steal This Idea!” Session