Dawson Creek Water Strategy




Living Water Smart in Dawson Creek

“Water is a huge priority for our community, there have been summer drought conditions 4 of the last 5 years, with last summer being the most severe. Last summer we moved into Stage 4 of the water conservation bylaw for the first time, we remained in Stage 4 for approximately 18 days in August before the area received some much needed moisture,” reports Kevin Henderson, Director of Infrastructure & Sustainable Development.

Kevin henderson (160p) - city of dawson creekThis staged approach was made possible through a ‘water conservation measures’ bylaw that was introduced a few years ago; this bylaw has four stages with each stage being more conserving.”

“Council adopted a ‘Water Strategy’ that includes a vision for water that closely aligns with the province’s Living Water Smart program. The City has recently introduced a new pricing structure to provide long term sustainability to the water utility fund. The new structure promotes conservation and is a true user pay structure.”


To Learn More:

Click on Sustainable Dawson Creek to read about what Dawson Creek is doing. “Smart water planning in the present will ensure a clean, safe, reliable supply of water to meet the needs of Dawson Creek’s citizens far into the future,” emphasizes Kevin Henderson.

To download a copy of the City’s Water Strategy, click here

To download a copy of the City’s Water Rate Structure Review, click here.


Posted February 2011