An Introduction to the Partnership’s First Board of Directors




The “Founding Directors” are….

Tim Pringle is a Founding Director and the first President. He was Executive Director of the Real Estate Foundation from its founding in 1988 until 2008. Over the past decade, the Foundation together with the Province of British Columbia has provided sustaining funding for initiatives implemented under the umbrella of the Water Sustainability Action Plan for British Columbia. In 2010, Tim Pringle was the inaugural winner of the Land Champion Award for British Columbia.

In 2010, the Partnership’s four other Founding Directors comprised representatives of three partnership initiatives operating under the umbrella of the Water Sustainability Action Plan for British Columbia:

  • Mike Tanner, Chair of the Water Bucket Website Partnership;  
  • Peter Law, Convening for Action on Vancouver Island (CAVI) initiative;
  • Ted van der Gulik, Chair of the Water Balance Model Partnership; and
  • Richard Boase, Co-Chair of the Water Balance Model Partnership.

In addition to the Founding Directors, Kim Stephens is Executive Director. Since 2003, he has been responsible for Action Plan program delivery. An engineer-planner, his four decades of experience cover the spectrum of water resource and infrastructure engineering issues. He has had a leadership role in a series of Provincial initiatives in British Columbia related to water sustainability, rainwater management and green infrastructure.

2010 Founding Directors and Kim Stephens

To Learn More About the Founding Directors

Click on the links below to read about responsibilities and/or significant career accomplishments of the Founding Directors:

TIM PRINGLE is first winner of British Columbia’s ‘Land Champion Award’ — Tim has demonstrated leadership, innovation and collaboration to address issues related to the use and conservation of land in communities, regions, professions, and the province as a whole.

MIKE TANNER – Convening for Action in British Columbia: Water Balance Model and Water Bucket Website are twin engines for ‘water-centric’ Outreach & Continuing Education Program — ‘Beyond the Guidebook 2010’ elaborates on program that gives local governments and practitioners the tools and experience to better manage land and water resources. 

RICHARD BOASE – A crucially important message in Beyond the Guidebook 2010: “We now have the tools and experience to design with nature” — So many in local government are searching for the magical ‘silver bullet’to resolve watershed issues and challenges. Yet soil, vegetation and trees can do more for our watersheds than decades of planning, consulting and complicated engineering design will ever achieve.

PETER LAW – A Look Back to the SmartStorm Forum Series: Genesis for the Water Balance Model — The genesis for the series was a focus group workshop held in October 1997. The coming together of a group of change agents in set in motion a chain of events that has reverberated through time in British Columbia.

TED VAN DER GULIK receives Bridge Building Award from BC Water & Waste Association Ted van der Gulik is a visionary and an innovator. While others talk, Ted does. His accomplishments are many and his innovative leadership encompasses provincial tools such as the Water Balance Model and the Irrigation Scheduling Calculator.

KIM STEPHENS receives Bridge Building Award at 2010 Annual BCWWA Conference
Bringing passion and energy to everything he does, the ability of Kim Stephens to build relationships and partnerships with broad water stakeholders has resulted in a positive change to how practitioners understand the relationship between land-use and the true value of water.

Posted February 2011