Water Bucket provides ‘home’ for telling the story of the Okanagan Rainwater Workshop

From Rain to Resource Workshop

In October 2010, the Okanagan Basin Water Board (OBWB) and the BC Water and Waste Association (BCWWA) are co-hosting a 2-day workshop titled ‘From Rain to Resource: Managing Stormwater in a Changing Climate’.

Mike tanner(120p)“To help the Okanagan Basin Water Board and BCWWA tell their story about managing change, we are posting a series of stories on Water Bucket during the August through October period to foreshadow what to expect at the Okanagan Rainwater Workshop,” stated Mike Tanner, Chair of the Water Bucket Website Partnership.

“Water Bucket stories establish expectations about program curricula and event outcomes. To get the word out, we work with our partners to craft email-type news releases that are complete with embedded links. We are finding that these news releases are taking on a life of their own.”

“As the series unfolds, Water Bucket stories will be placing particular emphasis on those members of the ‘convening for action team’ who are contributing program content at the Okanagan Rainwater Workshop.”

“The Okanagan Rainwater Workshop is important. It is one of three regional events scheduled for the week of October 25th. These will serve as high-profile platforms for rollout of Beyond the Guidebook 2010: Implementing a New Culture for Urban Watershed Protection and Restoration in British Columbia, released in June 2010. “

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