Ted van der Gulik informs BCWWA audience about web-based tool for Okanagan Irrigation Management



Water Conservation: Demand Management Plannign and Implementation

In January 2010, the British Columbia Water & Waste Association (BCWWA) hosted a continuing education workshop to advance Living Water Smart, BC’s Water Plan.

According to Donna Caddie, Project Manager with the Ministry of Environment’s Living Water Smart team, the workshop goal was to understand how better urban, landscape and Donna caddie (120p)watershed planning can lead to water conservation and what tools are available to assist in this process.

Donna Caddie opened the workshop with a presentation titled Drivers to Live Water Smart.


Okanagan Irrigation Management (OKIM)

The program included a presentation by Ted van der Gulik of the BC Ministry of Agriculture & Lands, and Vice-Chair of the BCWWA Water Sustainability Committee. His presentation was about the Irrigation Ted van der gulik (120p)Demand Model and OKIM, a website that has been designed for agricultural landowners.

“OKIM is the acronym for Okanagan Irrigation Management,” stated Ted van der Gulilk. “This online tool allows landowners to obtain information on metered water use, calculated theoretical water demand, and land use data for their properties.” 

To download a copy of the presentation by Ted van der Gulik, click on Okanagan Irrigation Management (OKIM)


Posted February 2010