Real Estate Foundation establishes Water Sustainability Endowment Fund to support innovation and collaboration

REFBC - 2010 land awards gala (360p)

Water Water Everywhere

“You drink it. You bathe in it. You water your lawn and wash your car with it. You fish in it. You power your appliances with its energy. You build your home so you can be close to it. And, you often take it for granted,” states Karin Kirkpatrick, Chief Executive Officer of the Real Estate Foundation of British Columbia.

Karin kirkpatrick (120p) - executive director, refbc“The Foundation has had a longstanding interest and involvement in water sustainability. We have provided core funding for the Water Sustainability Action Plan for British Columbia since 2005. In addition to our funding role, we have played an active part in programs implemented under the Action Plan umbrella, notably Convening for Action on Vancouver Island.”

“When not planned properly, urban development and agriculture can degrade drinking water; diminish water-based recreation and tourism opportunities; result in economic losses to commercial fishing and aquaculture industries and First Nations food harvesting areas; lower real estate values; damage fish habitat; increase the inevitable costs of clean-up and pollution reduction; and reduce aesthetic values of lakes, streams, and coastal areas.”

Water Sustainability Endowment Fund

“So, a logical next step for the Foundation was to establish a Water Sustainability Endowment Fund in support of non-profit initiatives related to water stewardship. At the Real Estate Foundation’s request, the Vancouver Foundation has established the Water Sustainability Endowment Fund.”

“The income generated from this fund will support non-profit activities in water sustainability in the province of BC. We invite ongoing donations to this endowment as the fund will continue to support water sustainability in the foreseeable future.”

“This endowment will support projects which demonstrate the values of the Foundation’s Land Award; innovation, collaboration, and creating a model approach to land and development related activities,” summarizes Karin Kirkpatrick.

2010 Land Awards Gala

The proceeds from the 2010 Land Awards gala will go to the Water Sustainability Robert kennedy jr (120p)Endowment Fund. The keynote speaker will be Robert Kennedy, Jr. He was named a TIME magazine ‘Hero for the Planet,’ and has become a sought after speaker on sustainability issues.

“We are excited that Robert Kennedy, Jr. has agreed to join us at the 2010 Land Awards Gala,” states Karin Kirkpatrick. “He engages both business and politicians in the discussion of the importance of planning responsible communities. His talk is sure to stimulate thinking on how these issues apply to us all in British Columbia.”

“The presenting sponsor is the Globe and Mail and their coverage of the event will ensure high profile in both the media and the business communities.”

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