BC Ground Water Association’s 2009 Convention includes a session on water-centric planning in BC

The convention technical program includes a session on water sustainability initiatives in British Columbia. “Ground water is an important component of the debate on sustainable use of natural resources . Protecting ground water resources…quality and quantity…for future generations is essential. The convention techncial sessions will address the question: ‘are we doing enough to safeguard our ground water resources for the future?’” states Dr. Ineke Kalwij.

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Convening for Action in Penticton: Forum will showcase partnerships, collaboration, innovation and integration

The forum program is organized as four modules built around the creating our future and doing business differently themes. “The Forum will be an exciting day because regional leaders will help you understand new approaches and tools for doing business differently; you can share your experiences in town hall sessions; and the networking opportunity means you can learn from each other,” anticipates Anna Sears.

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Alignment with the “Canada-wide Strategy” establishes timeline for new treatment plants in Metro Vancouver

“It is the view of the Metro Vancouver Reference Panel that the effective implementation of the Canada-wide Strategy not only creates an obligation on the part of the senior governments to step up to the plate and fulfill their social and environmental responsibilities, it also creates an obligation to support communities that believe it is imperative to improve sewage treatment as soon as possible,” stated Christianne Wilhelmson.

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