Metro Vancouver Reference Panel presents Final Report on region’s Liquid “Resource” Management Plan

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Advisory group recommends policy framework for integration that is keyed to a “regional team approach”

Appointed by the Metro Vancouver Regional Board in April 2008 to provide independent advice and recommendations regarding the management of liquid discharges and rainwater, the Liquid Waste Management Reference Panel presented their Final Report on A Liquid Resource Management Plan for Metro Vancouver to the Waste Management Committee on July 15, 2009.

Surrey wbm forum - kim (100p)“Our Final Report is the culmination of several thousand hours of volunteer time and effort over the past 14 months,” Kim Stephens, Reference Panel Chair, told the elected representatives.

“As we have progressively absorbed and synthesized information, our understanding has grown and we have identified opportunities to create linkages among the different areas of action – natural environment, built environment, sewage treatment, financing and implementation – thereby helping to create a stronger plan.”

A Recommended Policy Framework

LWMP reference panel - final report - cover (300p)“The heart of the report is the three-page table titled A Recommended Policy Framework for Liquid Resource Management in Metro Vancouver. It consolidates our 19 recommendations in a reader-friendly format, and is complete with on-the-ground examples.”

“The supporting report text serves two objectives. First, it establishes context for the table. Secondly, it elaborates on seven key recommendations so that Metro Vancouver and municipal decision makers will have a clear picture of why the examples are important and/or relevant.”

“Our hope is that this set of 19 over-arching recommendations will help strengthen and improve the Plan; will help the Waste Management Committee make informed decisions and provide leadership; and will serve as an effective policy framework that helps the region implement the Plan.”


Regional Team Approach

The Policy Framework is keyed to an educationally-based regional team approach, one that develops a common understanding and results in consistent expectations region-wide.

John finnie (120p)“Commencing in 2007, Vancouver Island has been the pilot region for a regional team approach that aligns local actions with provincial and regional goals. Metro Vancouver and Vancouver Island are learning from each other, and are moving in the same direction,” observes John Finnie (General Manager, Water & Wastewater Services, Regional District of Nanaimo) and Chair of Convening for Action on Vancouver Island.

The New Business As Usual

The Reference Panel Final Report highlights that Living Water Smart and the Green Communities Project provide an over-arching provincial policy framework for Metro Vancouver’s Plan.

“We are using the slogan The New Business As Usual to convey the message that, for change to really occur, practices that until now have been viewed as the exception must become the norm moving forward. We have to build regulatory models and 2008 learning lunch pilot - dale wall (160p)develop models of practice and expertise to support The New Business As Usual”, stated Dale Wall, Deputy Minister (Community & Rural Development) when he announced the launch of both the new Water Balance Model and the Vancouver Island Learning Lunch Seminar Series at the Gaining Ground Summit in May 2008.

Metro-Van_New Business As Usual_2009

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