Metro Vancouver Reference Panel presents Progress Report on region’s Liquid “Resource” Management Plan


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Where Metro Vancouver Intends to Go: Expert citizen advisory group reports that Draft Plan ins “moving in the right direction”

Metro Vancouver is in the final stages of a comprehensive consultation process for the region’s Liquid Waste (Resource) Management Plan. The Plan establishes the approach, and identifies actions and priorities, for managing rainwater and sewage in the Metro Vancouver region. The target date for approval of the Plan by the Metro Vancouver Board is July 31, 2009.

In April 2008, the Metro Vancouver Board appointed a Reference Panel to provide the Metro Vancouver Waste Management Committee with advice and comment. The Reference Panel is an expert citizen advisory group, and is independent and non-partisan. On May 13, 2009 the Reference Panel presented a progress report to the committee and laid out a storyline for presentation of its findings.

Translating a Vision into Action

3KimStephensKim Stephens, Reference Panel Chair, told the elected representatives that  “this regulatory tool provides the means to translate the visionary Metro Vancouver Sustainability Framework into tangible actions on the ground.” He also explained how the Panel wished to progressively share their findings with the committee: “Our plan is to build to a conclusion at the July meeting. We believe that this incremental approach will help your decision-making. We have identified a purpose for each of the three meetings.”

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“If the Plan is to be a success, the region needs to look at strategies and actions through three lenses,” continued Christianne Wilhelmson, Reference Panel Co-Chair. “The vision comes from you, the elected representatives. The Reference Panel emphasis is on the HOW because we believe the key to our work is ensuring that whatever is included in the Plan gets implemented.”

Christianne Wilhelmson (120p)“We are asking ourselves…. what linkages or support mechanisms are necessary to ensure implementation and accountability, and to ensure the vision is current, relevant and being realized, “ elaborated Christianne Wilhelmson. “Continued scrutiny and momentum is crucial to ensuring accountability and support, in particular that adequate resources are provided to get the job done. Furthermore, communication is key to ensure political and public understanding and support.”

Kim Stephens and Christianne Wilhelmson both emphasized that the Draft Plan is “moving in the right direction”.

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Metro Vancouver Sustainability Framework

Since 2002, Metro Vancouver has formally put the concept of sustainability at the centre of its operating and planning philosophy and committed itself to be a leader in the attempt to make the region one which is explicitly committed to a sustainable future. This comprehensive endeavour became known as the Sustainable Region Initiative, or more familiarly as the ‘SRI’.

In 2008, the Metro Vancouver Sustainability Framework document brought together all the strands of the SRI as a means of communicating where Metro Vancouver intends to go.


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