British Columbia’s Green Communities Project: Expectations and Programs

Change the rules to serve the goals

Providing incentives, influencing behaviour and advancing the “New Business As Usual”

The Green Communities Project encompasses a number of plans and strategies that complement and/or support Living Water Smart, BC’s Water Plan. These two initiatives provide direction as to where the Province of British Columbia wants to go.

“We are using the slogan The New Business As Usual to convey the message that, for change to really occur, practices that until now have been viewed as the exception 2008 learning lunch pilot - dale wall (160p)must become the norm moving forward. We have to build regulatory models and develop models of practice and expertise to support The New Business As Usual”, stated Dale Wall, Deputy Minister (Community & Rural Development) at the Gaining Ground Summit in May 2008.

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To learn more about the Green Communities Project, click on The Province of British Columbia’s Expectations and Programs for Green Communities.

Posted July 2009