Vancouver Island Pilot Program informs Metro Vancouver’s Liquid Waste Management Plan


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Convening for Action

Under the umbrella of the Water Sustainability Action Plan for British Columbia, experience gained in one region is Surrey wbm forum - leapfrog graphic(120p)being adapted to suit the needs of the other regions. Cross-fertilization between regions creates the opportunity to continually build on the experience of others and take turns leapfrogging ahead.

Commencing in 2007, Vancouver Island has been the pilot region for a regional team approach that is water-centric and precedent-setting, is founded on partnerships and collaboration, and seeks to align local actions with provincial goals.

John finnie (120p)“Convening for Action on Vancouver Island – better known by the acronym CAVI – is a notable success story that is garnering national and international interest,” reports John Finnie, CAVI Chair.

“Metro Vancouver and Vancouver Island are learning from each other, and are moving in the same direction. In particular, CAVI is pleased to see that Vancouver Island experience is integrated into A Recommended Policy Framework for Liquid Resource Management in Metro Vancouver, released in July 2009.”

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Originally posted on the Convening for Action community-of-interest in July 2009