The Story of the 2009 Penticton Forum: Convening for Action and Making Green Choices in British Columbia


Convening for Action in British Columbia to Create Liveable Communities & Protect Stream Health

The following challenge statement provided context for advancing a ‘regional team approach’ at the 2009 Annual Conference of the British Columbia Water & Waste Association (BCWWA) on April 29 in Penticton.

How do we align our efforts at three scales – provincial, regional and local – to do business differently, prepare communities for change, and choose to be water smart

The Penticton Forum showcased how partnerships, collaboration, innovation and integration are helping local governments in three regions make the best choices for living water smart: This is what we want to achieve, and this is how we will get there.

Contributing to the living water smart vision is the Water Sustainability Action Plan for British Columbia, a partnership umbrella for action on the ground. The Water Sustainability Action Plan comprises inter-connected program elements that give local governments and practitioners the tools and experience to better manage land and water resources.

The Story of the Forum

“The story of the Forum is told in a series of six stories published weekly on the Waterbucket website. These describe the elements of the Forum program, and are consolidated in a stand-alone document titled Convening for Action and Making Green Choices in British Columbia: The Story of the 2009 Pentiction Forum. These stories progressively connected the dots to foreshadow what participants could expect at the Penticton Forum,” states Ray Fung, Chair of the Green Infrastructure Partnership.

Downloadable PowerPoint Presentations

Presentations by the ‘Forum faculty’ were designed to inform the conversations during a series of Town Hall Sharing Sessions. For a program overview, click on Lesson Plan – Outline of What We Want to Achieve; then click on the individual links below to access the PowerPoint presentations:

The Forum Explained

In addition to the consolidated summary document, the individual downloadable documents can be accessed by clicking on the links below. Leading up to the Forum, these stories progressively connected the dots and described the elements of the Forum program in order to establish participant expectations. Briefly: