2007 Vancouver Island Showcasing Green Infrastructure Innovation Series organized under the umbrella of the Water Sustainability Action Plan

6-CAVI - 2007 showcasing series

Move from Awareness to Action

The projected growth of Vancouver Island and resulting cumulative impacts are drivers for reassessing where and how land is developed, and water is used. To promote a new way-of-thinking related to infrastructure policies and practices, Convening for Action on Vancouver Island (CAVI) organized Showcasing Green Infrastructure Innovation on Vancouver Island: The 2007 Series.

John finnie, creating our future workshop, june 2007“The goal in showcasing innovation and celebrating successes was to promote networking, build regional capacity, and move ‘from awareness to action’ – through sharing of green infrastructure approaches, tools, experiences and lessons learned as an outcome of designing with nature,” states John Finnie, CAVI Chair.

 “There are a lot of good things happening throughout Vancouver Island. Yet practitioners in local government are not necessarily aware when they are being innovative and are not often aware of innovation in other municipalities,” continues John Finnie, “Because people are so busy in their own worlds, it takes a third party to connect them. That is the role that CAVI plays.”

North of the Malahat Series

  • Showcasing Green Infrastructure Innovation Series on Vancouver Island launched in Nanaimo
    The Regional District of Nanaimo and City of Nanaimo showcased their over-arching ‘green development’ policies and how they are being implemented on the ground.  Three policies each address public concerns on different scales: regional Climate Change policy;  Steep Slope subdivision development policy: and Green ‘Sustainable’ building construction policy
  • Local Governments in the Cowichan Basin Showcase Green Infrastructure Innovation
    The Cowichan Valley Regional District, District of North Cowichan and City of Duncan showcased the role of partnerships – first, in developing a shared vision of what the ‘valley future’ can look like; and next, in implementing actions that will bring the vision to fruition. The Cowichan Basin Water Management Plan provided the over-arching framework for the event.
  • Local Governments in the Comox Valley Showcase Green Infrastructure Innovation .
    The Regional District of Comox-Strathcona and the City of Courtenay showcased on-the-ground benefits that result when local governments collaborate to integrate their efforts, and are guided by an holistic way-of-thinking and acting. Case studies demonstrated how to ‘connect the dots’ to achieve integrated and sustainable outcomes.

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