Township of Langley Showcases Green Infrastructure Innovation in New Neighbourhoods

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Showcasing Innovation in Langley Township

The Langley event was titled Harmony and Integration. The Township showcased what can be accomplished with large-scale projects when Council, the community and staff are in alignment and embrace a ‘green culture’. Resource protection – for groundwater supply and fisheries habitat – is the driver for implementing ‘green infrastructure’.

The core program comprised a set of four case study presentations that described current Township initiatives:

  • Case Study 1 – Langley`s GHG Strategy: A Commitment to Reduce Corporate GHG Emissions  –  The Township recently adopted a Greenhouse Gas Reduction Plan, which plots a corporate course for sustainability.  The plan sets an aggressive target for reducing Green House Gas emissions over the next several years.  Initiatives include a recently-certified LEED-silver Civic Facility, involvement in the E3 fleet certification program, and an anti-idling campaign.
  • Case Study 2 –  Protecting Langley`s Groundwater: Safe and sustainable groundwater for our community –The Township relies on groundwater for almost half of its drinking water supply, making it and the City of White Rock unique amongst Metro Vancouver municipalities.  This reliance has made groundwater sustainability a top priority: recent initiative include the Water Resource Management Strategy, a Township-wide groundwater model, and a Water Management Plan being done in partnership with the Province.
  • Case Study 3Integrated Rainwater Management and  Harmony & Integration – The Routley, Yorkson and Northeast Gordon neighbourhood communities illustrate how a ‘water-centric’ approach is changing the way that land is developed in Langley. The plans for these neighbourhoods demonstrate not only integration of surface and groundwater (i.e. to protect water supply), but also integration of engineering and parks to enhance liveability.
  • Case Study 4Langley Environmental Partners Society: from Awareness to Action – The Langley Environmental Partners Society (LEPS) has a close working relationship with the Township.  This partnership has led to many successful outreach and awareness programs such as WaterWise, the Private Well Network, and Water Weeks.  These programs are critical for maintaining public support and encouraging public participation in Langley’s sustainability initiatives.

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