Water OUT = Water IN: Penticton Workshop in April 2005 Launches Convening for Action initiative for ‘Achieving Water Balance’


Convening for Action in the Okanagan

The Penticton Workshop in April 2005 was the first regional event organized under the Convening for Action (CFA) umbrella. It was titled “Demand Management Strategies – Achieving Water Balance” – A Workshop on Dealing with Uncertainty and Managing Risk.

“The workshop was organized in two parts and the presentations were cascading in order to elaborate on the OUT = IN theme. In the morning session the focus was on concepts and success stories related to Building Resiliency. This provided participants with a mind-map for the afternoon session when they were asked to apply what they had learned in Creating Your Future,” reports Kim Stephens, workshop co-moderator.

This full-day technical transfer session connected the dots between water resource planning, climate variability and risk management; explored the tools and techniques available through demand-side management; and gave participants ‘hands-on’ planning practice to demonstrate how to achieve a water balance without relying on new sources and infrastructure.

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To read the complete story posted elsewhere on the Waterbucket website, click on 2005 Penticton Workshop introduces “Water OUT = Water IN”

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