“Convening for Action in British Columbia” initiative: links to downloadable versions of PowerPoint presentations

Towards Sustainable Water Management in the Okanagan

In February 2005, the  Canadian Water Resources Association organized a 3-day transformational conference titled “Water – Our Limiting Resource” – Towards Sustainable Water Management in the Okanagan.

“This event was an important first step in focusing stakeholder attention on the decisions that need to be made now if we are to move towards sustainable water management in BC. Inter-association collaboration is an essential ingredient if collectively we are to create the province-wide momentum that will result in substantive change related to water management and use,” stated Don Degen, President of the BC Water & Waste Association. The Water Sustainability Committee of the BCWWA provided the core content for Day Three.

Convening for Action in British Columbia

Held in Kelowna, the conference provided a platform for launching the Convening for Action in British Columbia (CFA) intiative. Two companion WSC presentations laid out the vision in “convening for action”:

CFA is a sustained education process that is designed to broaden the province-wide base for this shared vision: In a fully integrated landscape, water is the unifying element.