Learning Events in the Thompson and Okanagan



An Introduction to Rainfall Capture and ‘Green’ Subdivision Design

The Water Sustainability Action Plan provided the over-arching context for three learning events that were held in Kelowna (twice) and Kamloops in 2005 during the October/November period. These events provided Thompson/Okanagan municipalities and practitioners with the opportunity to gain insight into emerging practices and products for achieving rainwater management objectives in British Columbia.

Keith-Lumby_EMCO-Corporation_2006_120pTwo of these events were organized by the EMCO Corporation. According to Keith Lumby, “We are excited to demonstrate that industry is doing its part to rise to the challenge of providing practical solutions to on-the-ground drainage issues. Our collaboration with the Inter-Governmental Water Balance Model Partnership is creating opportunities for them to achieve their outreach objectives in communicating the water balance message to a broad audience of practitioners.”

Achieve a ‘Light Hydrologic Footprint’

Land development practices and the way we manage rainwater runoff are changing in British Columbia. Increasingly, the emphasis is on ‘designing with nature’ to achieve a ‘light hydrologic footprint’.

The two technical sessions organized in collaboration with the Emco Corporation set the scene for a half-day seminar co-sponsored by the City of Kelowna and the Association of Professional Engineers and Geoscientists (APEGBC). The seminar was titled Water Sustainability & “Green” Subdivision Design: A Seminar on the Water Balance Model for British Columbia.

2005_Kim-Stephens_120p“The purpose of the seminar was to inform the development community and design professionals about the Water Balance Model for British Columbia. This Internet-accessible tool quantifies the effectiveness of rainwater source controls under different combinations of land use, soil and climate conditions,” stated Kim Stephens, speaking on behalf of the Water Balance Model Partnership.

To Learn More:

To download an ‘info-flyer’ on the seminar program, click on Water Sustainability & “Green” Subdivision Design: A Seminar on the Water Balance Model for British Columbia. This document elaborates on the Action Plan context. The Kelowna seminar was organized as an element of the Outreach and Continuing Education Program for the Action Plan.