Water Use

    Agricultural Watercourse Maintenance

    The Agriculture Watercourse Maintenance Task Group was established by the Partnership Committee on Agriculture and Environment to develop an agricultural watercourse maintenance policy for British Columbia that considers the needs of both the agriculture and fishery resources.

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    State of Environment Reporting

    About 97% of water licensed in British Columbia is for power production, including storage for power production. The remaining 3% of water licensed is for consumptive uses such as industrial, commercial, drinking water or agriculture

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    ESI Helps the City of Kelowna to Measure Up

    There are many ways of demonstrating how much water is used but very few ways of assessing how much water is wasted. ESI ( Environmental Sensors Inc.) has partnered with the city of Kelowna, British Columbia to show what happens to their water from the minute it hits the soil …..

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    B.C. Trickle Irrigation Manual

    Trickle irrigation is the frequent, low pressure application of water placed near, or directly into, the plants' root zone. Water is generally applied at a low flow rate but in an amount sufficient to replenish the crop water requirement on a daily basis. Available from the Irrigation Industry Association of B.C. is a manual which assists the producer in designing a trickle irrigation system to match soil conditions, crop characteristics, field shape and topographies; selecting the right types of components based on a knowledge of emitter performance; and installing the system accurately as per a plan.

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    Australian Water Management Websites

    The following Australian websites provide good information for water management. The “Rainman” website provides monthly rainfall records worldwide. The “SunWater” website provides information on reservoir management in Australia and the “Watershedds” website provides a decision support system for non-point source pollution control.

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