IIABC Members – You are invited to attend the Annual Convention and Trade Show which is held on an annual basis at a different location in beautiful British Columbia. It includes workshops, presentations, banquet and the annual general meeting.

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    Chemigation Guidelines for British Columbia

    Chemigation is a term used to define the practice of applying chemicals to a crop through an irrigation system. In agriculture the type of chemicals applied are generally fertilizers to promote crop prioduction and plant growth. Available from the Irrigation Industry Association of BC is a valuable Guide which provides information on the practice of applying chemicals to a crop through an irrigation system.

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    B.C. Irrigation Management Guide

    This Guide encourages long-term commitment to a sustainable, environmentally-sound and economically-viable agriculture industry. The Guide was written by staff of the Resource Management Branch of the BC Ministry of Agriculture and published by the Irrigation Industry Association of British Columbia.

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    B.C. Sprinkler Irrigation Manual

    An excellent sprinkler irrigation design manual which provides information for designing agricultural irrigation systems in British Columbia is available from the Irrigation Industry Associaton of British Columbia. This manual was prepared by the Sustainable Agriculture Managment Branch of the B.C. Ministry of Agriculture. It was published in partnership with the IIABC.

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    BC Ground Water Association

    The mission of the British Columbia Ground Water Association is to provide professional and technical leadership in the advancement of the ground water industry and in the protection, the promotion, and the responsible development and use of ground water resources.

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