Prairie Water News

    “Prairie Water News” is dedicated to protecting and improving rural water supplies. While this site provides information on water topics related to the prairie provinces of Canada, it also has much valuable information that would apply to British Columbia on topics such as water use, treatment, etc.

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    A Consensus on Sensitive Streams

    Some agriculture producers have expressed concerns that existing water rights on sensitive streams may be withdrawn and that water for fish will have a priority over other uses.

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    Ditch Maintenance: Working for Farmers and Fish

    Thousands of British Columbians are taking part in small, local projects to help rehabilitate streams and, together with hatchery and restocking programs, the results are encouraging. And BC farmers are no different.

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    ESI Helps the City of Kelowna to Measure Up

    There are many ways of demonstrating how much water is used but very few ways of assessing how much water is wasted. ESI ( Environmental Sensors Inc.) has partnered with the city of Kelowna, British Columbia to show what happens to their water from the minute it hits the soil …..

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    Drainage Management Guide

    The Drainage Management Guide is is one of the supplementary documents to the Environmental Farm Planning program prepared to assist British Columbia farmers and ranchers to improve their farm operations and implement beneficial management practices.

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