A Consensus on Sensitive Streams

Some agriculture producers have expressed concerns that existing water rights on sensitive streams may be withdrawn and that water for fish will have a priority over other uses.

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Ditch Maintenance: Working for Farmers and Fish

Thousands of British Columbians are taking part in small, local projects to help rehabilitate streams and, together with hatchery and restocking programs, the results are encouraging. And BC farmers are no different.

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Agriculture Providing Answers in Riparian Areas

A Riparian Working Group (established by the Partnership Committe on Agriculture and the Environment) will prepare guidelines and implement a process to manage agricultural activities near watercourses in riparian areas.

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Action Plan for Nutrient Management Underway

In some areas of the Lower Fraser Valley area of British Columbia, large nutrient surpluses are resulting in water quality problems. This part of B.C. is an important area of commercial agricultural production.

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Stewardship Centre for British Columbia

About the Stewardship Centre for British Columbia (SCBC): Stewardship broadly defined is an ethic that recognises the need to conserve and restore ecosystems for current and future generations of all species. Stewardship is not just a technique. It is a philosophy, and a commitment to act in an environmentally, socially and economically sustainable manner. Stewardship exceeds legal obligations. It refers to a wide range of actions and activities of individuals, communities, groups and organizations acting alone or in partnership, to promote, monitor, conserve and restore ecosystems.

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Stewardship Canada

The Stewardship Canada web portal exists to support a stewardship knowledge network in response to the premise that information is essential to good stewardship. The Stewardship Canada portal provides a simple entry into a virtual, growing community of information, knowledge, contacts and resources specifically related to stewardship. The portal relies on partnerships to be successful and meet the needs of stewards throughout the country. The Portal is a sharing of interactive web applications. It is built on a secure network server linked to high speed internet service. Stewardship Canada is supported by an experienced systems and portal site development team. An important thing to know – many of the tools on the website are interactive. That means, you can not only find information you want, you can also “add” your information and experience. Our current partners include: Wildlife Habitat Canada, Environment Canada, Fisheries and Oceans Canada, Land Stewardship Centre of Canada, Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources, Habitat Conservation Trust Fund, Government of Newfoundland and Labrador, Inland Fish and Wildlife, Saskatchewan Network of Watershed Stewards

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