B.C. Trickle Irrigation Manual




This manual was produced to provide the irrigation industry, both designer and user, with guidelines on design and operation of trickle irrigation systems in British Columbia.

The manual was developed by a partnership with the Irrigation Industry Association of British Columbia and the Sustainable Agriculture Management Branch of the BC Ministry of Agriculture.



The manual provides information on trickle/drip irrigation system design, management and operation.

Specific topics included in the Trickle Irrigation Manual are:

  • Peak Flow Rate and Annual Water Requirement
  • Plants, Soil and Water Requirements
  • Emitter Performance
  • Emitter Selection and Placement
  • Subsurface Emitter Installation and Management
  • Lateral and Submain Design
  • Water Supply Equipment
  • Greenhouse Drip Systems
  • Filtration
  • System Maintenance
  • Assessing Water Quality
  • Irrigation Schedulting
  • Fertigation
  • Landscape Micro Irrigation

This 300 page manual can be ordered from the Irrigation Industry Association of B.C.