B.C. Sprinkler Irrigation Manual


This design Manual provides information for designing agricultural irrigation systems in British Columbia.

Designing an efficient irrigation system requires a good understanding of soil, crop and moisture relationships. The effects of soil type, crop rooting depth, and climate are important when considering irrigation system application rates and set times.

The manual provides the designer with information on soils, crops, evapotranspiration, application rates and water supply. Most types of irrigation systems are covered except for flood, furrow, sub-surface and trickle irrigation. A separate manual on trickle irrigation is available.


Topics covered in this Sprinkler Irrigation Manual are :

  • Crop, Soil and Climate Parameters
  • Sprinkler System Selection and Design
  • Stationary Gun Design
  • Travelling Gun Design
  • Center Pivot Design
  • Mainline Design and Installation
  • Pumps and Power
  • Diversions and Intakes
  • Irrigation Water Quality
  • Economic and Financial Analysis

This manual is over 170 pages and can be ordered from the Irrigation Industry Assocation of B.C..