Australian Water Management Websites


The following Australian websites provide good information for water management.


The Rainman website provides monthly rainfall records worldwide.

The Rainman Streamflow software is available for a fee in 3 editions:

  • Standard – for farmers and business
  • Educational – for universities, colleges and schools
  • Professional – agricultural advisers, consultants, water managers, government planners, researchers


Rainman StreamFlow software contains records for :


  •  monthly rainfall records for some 9500 locations.


  • historical monthly and daily rainfall for 3800 locations
  • monthly and daily streamflow for nearly 400 locations



This website, operated by SunWater, provides information on reservoir management in Australia.

SunWater  is a leading water industry company providing water infrastructure and supply solutions throughout Queensland, Australia and the region.

SunWater provides direct water supply services to a large number of customers including irrigators, mines, power generators and local government. Strong experience in the water industry has also enabled SunWater to provide professional consultancy services to customers.




This Watershedds website provides a decision support system for non-point source pollution control.

To adequately control nonpoint source pollution of a water resource, water quality managers must focus on minimizing the impacts of individual nonpoint source pollutants. The strategic choice and placement of best management practices (BMPs) in the watershed can successfully reduce the input of individual pollutants and may improve water quality.

WATERSHEDSS  (WATER, Soil, and Hydro- Environmental Decision Support System) was designed to help watershed managers and land treatment personnel identify their water quality problems and select appropriate best management practices.

WATERSHEDSS is comprised of three components:

  • The watershed assessment and evaluation which includes a pollutant budget spreadsheet and an agricultural best management practice (BMP) database
  • An educational component, containing detailed information and references on NPS pollutants and sources.
  • An annotated bibliography of NPS literature