B.C. Trickle Irrigation Manual


This manual was developed by a partnership with the Irrigation Industry Association of British Columbia and the British Columbia Ministry of Agriculture and Food.

The manual provides information on trickle/drip irrigation system design, management and operation.

Specific topics include: 
– The Trickle Irrigation concept
– Peak Flow Rate and Annual Water Requirement 
– Plants, Soil and Water Requirements
– Emitter Performance
– Emitter Selection and Placement
– Subsurface Emitter Installation and Management
– Lateral and Submain Design
– Water Supply Equipment
– Greenhouse Drip Systerms
– Filtration
– System Maintenance
– Assessing Water Quality
– Irrigation Scheduling
– Fertigation
– Landscape Micro Irrigation

This Manual can be ordered from the Irrigation Industry Association of BC

Author :  BC Ministry of Agriculture

Publisher :   Irrigation Industry Association of BC

Guide Book – 300 pages

Date 1987