B.C. Sprinkler Irrigation Manual


This manual was prepared by the B.C. Ministry of Agriculture. It was published in partnership with the Irrigation Industry Association of BC .

The manual provides the designer with information on soils, crops, evapotranspiration, application rates and water supply. Most types of irrigation systems are covered except for flood, furrow, sub-surface and trickle irrigation.


Topics covered are:
– Crop, Soil and Climate Parameters
– Sprinkler System Selection and Design
– Stationary Gun Design
– Travelling Gun Design
– Center Pivot Design
– Mainline Design and Installation
– Pumps and Powe
– Diversions and Intakes
– Irrigation Water Quality
– Economic and Financial Analysis

This manual is over 170 pages and can be ordered from the Irrigation Industry Association of B.C.

Author :  BC Ministry of Agriculture

Publisher:   Irrigation Industry Association of BC