Partnership Leadership

Ted van der Gulik, Founding Member & Director

While with the Ministry of Agriculture, Ted managed and provided direction to a team of professional Engineers and Agrologists. Team members were specialists in farm structures, waste management, mechanization, environmental management, irrigation and drainage. The team was instrumental in development and delivery of agricultural programs, including: the environmental farm planning program, water supply expansion program and the current Growing Forward program.

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Mike Tanner, Founding Member & Director

During Mike’s time with BC Hydro’s Power Smart, he managed and provided direction to a team of Managers and professional staff engaged in various key marketing functions and, in delivering complex and multi-technology products and services through various programs and initiatives. Mike was an early adopter of the benefits of both energy and water conservation and, the possibilities of “Watergy”.

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Richard Boase, Founding Member & Director

For 30 years Richard Boase has practiced environmental and urban geoscience. His project work and passion during this time has involved watershed restoration, community and stakeholder engagement, environmental impacts assessment and land use planning. His focus is on environmental impact assessment and watershed restoration.

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Derek Richmond, Founding Member & Director

With a career of over four decades as a professional engineer and Chartered Water & Environmental Manager, Derek Richmond was an early pioneer in urban modelling and planning in the UK and in Canada. He has worked across a broad spectrum of water resource and infrastructure projects, issues and applications, and has applied those skills by working in both the private and public sector.

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Kim Stephens, Founding Member & Executive Director

An engineer-planner, Kim Stephens has more than four decades of experience. This covers the continuum of water resource and infrastructure engineering issues and applications, from master planning and modelling to implementation of capital projects. He specializes in public policy and professional development, and has played a leadership role in a series of initiatives in British Columbia.

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John Finnie, Founding Member

A civil and environmental engineer, John Finnie has over 40 years of water, wastewater and solid waste regulatory and utility management experience with the BC Ministry of Environment and the Regional District of Nanaimo. John received the first BCWWA Leadership in Water Sustainability Award for his accomplishments, in particular for his work in championing the Regional District of Nanaimo Drinking Water & Watershed Protection initiative.

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